Johannes Lundberg, Kåre Bremer 2003. A phylogenetic study of the order Asterales using one morphological and three molecular data sets. International Journal of Plant Sciences 164(4): 553-578. [PDF] [@journal]

We obtained two most parsimonious cladograms using a data set of 100 characters derived from morphology, anatomy, embryology, chemistry, and karyology, combined with three nucleotide sequence data sets (the chloroplast genes atpB, ndhF, and rbcL) in a phylogenetic analysis of all 12 currently recognized families in the angiosperm order Asterales, represented by 40 genera. Most clades were supported by a jackknife value of at least 50% and a Bremer support of 5 or more. Rousseaceae sensu lato (including Carpodetaceae), together with Pentaphragmataceae and Campanulaceae s.l., is the sister group to the rest of the Asterales. A sister group relationship between Donatia and Stylidiaceae is well supported both morphologically and by molecular data, and we suggest that Donatia should again be treated as a subfamily in Stylidiaceae. The sister group relationship between Calyceraceae and Asteraceae is well supported.