Johannes Lundberg's Caving Curriculum Vitae

Exploration trips and Expeditions
Attended International Meetings

Johannes Elim Kristian Lundberg

Swedish citizen, born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1972


Present Address: Department of Botany, The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 - (0)8 - 5195 42 15
Fax: +46 - (0)8 - 5195 42 21
E-mail: joha
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Exploration trips and Expeditions

E19. Kayah 2016: Myanmar Cave Documentation Project expedition to Kayah, Myanmar/Burma, January 28-February 12, 2016. Participants: Joerg Dreybrodt (co-ordinator), Phil Bence, Marc Boreau, Urs Etter, Roman Hapka, Johannes Lundberg, and Manuela Scheuerer. [Report (pdf). Photos. Movie.].

E18. Swaziland 2014: The first International Expedition to Gobholo Cave, January 3-12, 2014. Organized by Manuela Scheuerer and Johannes Lundberg. Together with Harald Bauer (Austria), Peter Blomqvist (Sweden), Thomas Exel (Austria), Edward Netherlands (South Africa), Pauline Oberender (Austria), Daneel de Prez (South Africa), Darron Raw (Swazi Trails, Swaziland), Sharron Reynolds (South Africa), Rabbe Sjöberg (Sweden) and Ljuba Sromova (Czech Republic/Sweden). [Photos].

E17. Markusfjellet 2013: One week expedition, August 16-21, 2013, to Markusfjellet, Troms, Norway. Exploring and surveying Markusgrotta, with Tore Brattli, Bjørn Egil Johansen, June Lunde, Are Mellem, Christian Rushfeldt and Jan Thomas Schwenke. [T. Brattli, J. T. Schwenke and B. E. Johansen 2013. Markusgrotta i Storfjord. Norsk Grotteblad 61: 18-32.] [Photos]

E16. Laos 2013: Khammouane 2013. Three weeks expedition in February-March 2013 to the province Khammouane in Laos, with Eric Ardourel, François Brouquisse, Annie Caillault, Serge Caillault, Charles Ghommidh (leader), Florence Guillot, Annie Guiraud, Bernard Hof, Sabine Lavanant, Jean-François Loyon, Jean-Michel Ostermann, Daniel Pioch, Laurence Salmon and Jean-Michel Salmon. Explored caves include Tham Houay Saï-Tham Khoun Dôn system, Tham Kathoung and Tham Tong Gnom; also a visit to Xé Bang Fai. [Photos]

E15. Swaziland 2012: The first Swazi-Swedish Expedition to Gobholo Cave, Swaziland. With Manuela Scheuerer, Darron Raw (Swazi-Trails) and Sipho Twahle (Swazi-Trails). [J. Lundberg and M. Scheuerer 2013. Swazi-Svenska expeditionen till Gobhologrottan 2012. Grottan 48(1): 36-43; M. Scheuerer, J. E. K. Lundberg and R. Sjöberg 2013. Gobholo cave: a long granite cave in Swaziland (Southern Africa). Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Speleology, Brno, ed. M. Filippi and P. Bosák. Volume 3, pp. 305-307] [Photos]

E14. Laos 2012: Khammouane 2012. Three weeks expedition in February 2012 to the province Khammouane in Laos, with Robin Boucher, François Brouquisse, Bernard Galibert, Charles Ghommidh (leader), Laurent Guizard, Richard Huttler, Thomas Huttler, Rémi Lucas, Michèle Mutuel, Daniel Pioch, Richard Quintilla, Laurence Salmon, Jean-Michel Salmon. Explored caves include Tham Houay Saï-Tham Khoun Dôn system, Tham Kouan Kaohong, Tham Lom, Tham Deng, Tham Pha Mou and Tham Thê. [Photos]

E13. Iran 2010: International Caving Expedition 2010 to Iran (Kermanshah and Lorestan Provinces). Two weeks recon-trip in May, together with Marcin "Qb" Kubarek (leader), Alireza Balaghi, Zbigniew "Stanley" Wiśniewski, Bogusław Wypych, and several local cavers and climbers. [M. Kubarek 2010. Wiosna w Górach Zagros. Jaskinie 59(2): 17-20; J. Lundberg 2010. På resa i Zagros. Grottan 45(3): 36-44; Expedition Report] [Photos]

E12. Mongolia 2008: Agoiin Sarlagood "Les Yacks des Cavernes". Four weeks in July-August, with Xavier Noguès (leader), Catherine Noiriel, Françoise Lorrin, Claire Tirefort and David Peyrat (members from G3S-AOL / FFS). [Expedition Report; J. Lundberg 2009. Aguiin Sarlagood: den fransk-svenska inte-så-många-grottor-expeditionen till Mongoliet 2008. Grottan 44(2): 16-23] [Photos]

E11. Norway 2007. Tjoarvekrájgge, the thirteenth exploration week, and Burfjellet (with Hans-Øivind Aarstad and cavers from STJ, Kraków). [J. Lundberg 2007. Burfjellet 2007. Norsk Grotteblad 49: 3-7]

E10. Norway 2006. Tjoarvekrájgge, the twelwth exploration week.

E9. Norway 2000. Tjoarvekrájgge, the sixth exploration week.

E8. Norway 1999. Tjoarvekrájgge, the fifth exploration week.

E7. Norway 1998. Tjoarvekrájgge, the fourth exploration week.

E6. Norway 1996. Tjoarvekrájgge, the second exploration week.

E5. Norway 1995. Tjoarvekrájgge, the first Swedish-Norwegian exploration week.

E4. Norway 1994. Tjoarvekrájgge, with Torbjörn Doj, Thomas Andreasson, Sofi Hemgren-Dougherty and Mark Dougherty. [T. Doj 1995. Coarvvekraige. Grottan 30(1): 45-49.]

E3. Norway 1993. Discovery of Tjoarvekrájgge, with Torbjörn Doj.

E2. Norway 1992. Trøndelag, with Torbjörn Doj and Gunnar Isacsson.

E1. Norway 1991. Hattfjelldal, with Torbjörn Doj, Rolf Engh and others. [T. Doj 1993. Grottletning i Norge: Helgeland 1992, del 1. Grottan 28(2): 4-9; T. Doj 1993. Grottorna vid Haugland. Grottan 28(2): 13-15.]

I have also visited caves in Sweden, Norway, Poland (Jaskinia Czarna, Jaskinia Kasprowa Niżna, Jaskinia Zimna, Jaskinia Miętusia Wyżnia, Jaskinia Kryspinowska), Wales (Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, Porth yr Ogof, Otter Hole), Hungary (József-hegyi-barlang, Mátyás-hegyi-barlang, Pál-völgyi-barlang, Ferenc-hegyi-barlang), Czech Republic (pseudokarst caves in the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mountains: Cyrilka, Kněhyňská jeskyňe), Colombia, and South Africa.

Attended International Meetings

6. 16th International Congress of Speleology, July 21--28, 2013, Brno, Czech Republic. [Presentations]

5. Northern Karst Systems in our Changing Environment, September 5--10, 2011, Golubino-Pinega, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia. [Photos]

4. 2nd International Conference on Granite Caves, June 1--7, 2011, Nynäshamn, Sweden. [Presentation]

3. Speleokonfrontacje 2007, Podlesice, Poland.

2. Speleokonfrontacje 2006, Podlesice, Poland.

1. 4th Pseudokarst Symposium, September 28 -- 30, 1990, Podolánky, Czecho-Slovakia.


I was on the board of the Swedish Speleological Society SSF 1999 -- 2002, and then again 2007 -- 2009, and also its treasurer 2000 -- 2002. I am one of the editors for SSF:s journal Grottan. I am also member of the Norwegian Cave Rescue Service Norsk Grotteredningstjeneste ("Responseteamet").