Johannes Lundberg. Photo: Manuela Scheuerer 2009 (c).

Employed as curator and herbarium manager at the department of botany, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, I am leading the day-to-day work with the collections at the herbarium. Earlier I have been leading a team scanning type specimens for the Global Plants Initiative GPI.

In my research, I was previously working with the phylogeny of the campanulids, especially the order Asterales and the families Escalloniaceae and Paracryphiaceae. My special interest is integrating morphologic data with genomic (DNA) data. I did my Ph.D. (2002) at the former department of systematic botany, Uppsala university, under prof. Kåre Bremer, and my post.doc. (2002-2004) at Kyoto university with prof. Tobe Hiroshi.

Since 1984 I have been actively exploring caves in Europe, Asia and Africa. Poland, Hungary, Wales, Czech Republic and South Africa are some of the other countries my interest in caving brought me to. In Norway I was involved in the discovery of Tjoarvekrájgge, the longest and second deepest cave of Scandinavia. As most other cavers I am interested in speleology, the science of karst and caves. Recently I have been involved in projects concerning biomineralization of Swedish speleothems, geometry of karst, and the exploration and mapping of Tjoarvekrájgge.

I am member of the editorial board of the Swedish cavers magazine Grottan (published four times per year by the Swedish Speleological Society SSF), board-member of SSF and chairman of SSF:s Science Committee, board member of Stockholms Grottklubb and Fö√∂reningen Geologins Dag, and a member of the Norwegian Cave Rescue Service Norsk Grotteredningstjeneste ("Responseteamet").

Johannes Lundberg
Department of Botany
The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm